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Buy Local! Buy Fresh! Chatham-Kent

Note:  Food items purchased at farm gates are not necessarily from licensed or inspected facilities.
For food safety information, contact the Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit at 519.352.7270.

is the #1 Producer of ...
  • Chatham-Kent produces about 20% of all vegetables grown in Ontario.
  • We are the 2nd largest producer of sugar beets and Brussels sprouts in Canada.
  • We are also the 2nd largest producer of field peppers and asparagus in all of Ontario.
Buy Local?


The less time between the farm to your table, the more likely you will receive all the nutrients lost in imported food.


Food from local farms and producers is tastier. Produce is harvested at its peak and products are handmade with the finest ingredients.

Open Spaces

Eating locally-grown food preserves open spaces by maintaining farms and bypassing development.

Supports Farmers

Farmers who can sell their product direct to the consumer get full price helping them stay on their farms.

Preserves Diversity

Local farmers are more likely to grow many varieties of crops for a long harvest season and livestock from small farms have a higher diversity than large ones.

Builds Community

The direct relationship between grower and eater allows buyers to build a connection to nature. The local community is more in touch with the land, the seasons and their food.

CHATHAM-KENT is a Leader in Canadian Agriculture
The number of farms in Chatham-Kent
The number of people that each farmer can feed
The number of agriculture jobs in Chatham-Kent
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